Hospice care is available for the seriously ill patient who is no longer being treated to cure his or her disease and whose life expectancy is measured by weeks or months.

Referrals to hospice are made by the primary physician, family members, friends, clergy or other health professionals. A Hospice Plan of Care is developed for each individual patient and family. The patient and family are encouraged to express their priorities so their unique needs can be met. The patient is encouraged to stay at home if the family is able and willing to be the caregiver. All efforts will be made to help them meet their goals. The Hospice Team helps every way it can.

This includes:

  • Comprehensive medical care
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Visits by registered nurses
  • Assistance with finances or insurance concerns
  • Delivery of medical equipment Service of a home health aide
  • “Being there” – to let the patient know he or she is not alone
  • Hand and foot massages
Hospice care is available to Hospice patients 24 hours a day. Through Hospice professionals and volunteers are there to help, they encourage the patient to be active and to do as much for himself or herself as possible.


Team Approach

The patient and family will be working with the Hospice Team which consists of the Primary Physician, Hospice Coordinator, Nurse Clinician, Home Care Nurse, Social Worker, Chaplain, Medical Director, Volunteer Coordinator and Volunteers. All work together to provide care and support for the patient and family.