Patient Portal

Benefits of Patient Portal Services

View your health information online, manage your appointments, and review your appointment history all from the comfort of your home!

See your records and results
Patient portal online services allows you to view medical information and test results anytime.

Manage your appointments
Patient portal online services is a great way to manage and create appointments at your convenience.

Re-Filling prescriptions
Patients can request prescriptions to be re-filled at their convenience by following the prompts on the patient portal website.

 Downloading forms
Downloading forms is an important part of your medical records. The patient portal allows you to download important forms whenever they are needed.

Minor & Dependant Adult Access
Parents and guardians can set up minor and/or dependant adult accounts to view and manage their health care information.

Average turnaround time for information.

  • View medical record within 5-7 business days after initial registration.
  • View lab or test results within 4 business days

Making payments
Making secure on-line payments has never been easier. Click on-line bill pay to make payments at the convenience of your home.

How do I register?

  1. Sign up forms are available at any JMHS facility and online (below). They can be turned into any receptionist once completed.
  2. Within 5-7 business days, you will receive an email invitation from Check your SPAM filter if you don’t see it in your inbox.
  3. Your email invitation will include a link to the secure login page and your personal identification number (PIN).
  4. Click on the email link to be guided through the simple registration processes.
  5. Upon successful registration you will receive a verification e-mail to confirm your registration. Click the link provided to complete registration.

You may also register on-line by filling out this Patient Portal Form and printing it.  Patient Portal Form