September Construction Update

The old Care Center demolition was completed in two weeks.  A piece of great news is that none of the demolition went to the landfill!  All metal was recycled, all concrete and brick that was able to be separated was crushed offsite and will be used as fill on other projects. Any other debris will be buried at a Permit by Rule (buried and covered) at a location northeast of Dawson.

Construction work continues in the new Surgical Suite, blocking off the Hospital Inpatient Rooms on the East Hall as well as the JMHS back entrance by Therapies.  In the coming weeks, removal of the asphalt in the back parking lot will begin. The public and JMHS staff will all need to use the West temporary Clinic/Hospital Entrance for the remainder of the project.

At the new Care Center, we continue to adjust to our new “normal”, with the residents, their families, JMHS staff, and the public all adjusting and discovering all this new space has to offer.

Stacey Lee, CEO