Minnesota Senator and Representative Visit Johnson Memorial Health Services

pictured: Senator Dahms, Kathy Johnson & Representative Swedzinski

pictured: Senator Dahms, Kathy Johnson & Representative Swedzinski

Minnesota’s Senator Gary Dahms and Representative Chris Swedzinski visited Johnson Memorial Health Care Services (JMHS) on Thursday, July 11. The visit included a tour of the facility and an opportunity for staff to discuss healthcare issues affecting rural communities and facilities.

 Kathy Johnson, JMHS CEO/Administrator said “We welcome any opportunity to showcase how rural healthcare facilities like ours benefit our community. We are also pleased to provide input on impending healthcare legislation, because it can impact our ability to provide quality healthcare.”

Both Senator Dahms and Representative Swedzinski stayed well over an hour. They were very engaged and impressed with both the facility and the JMHS staff.

Johnson Memorial Health Services, located in Dawson, MN, is a small rural healthcare facility that provides Hospital, Clinic, Care Center, Home Health and Ambulance services. They employ more than 200 full and part time staff.