JMHS visits DBHS Students to Pledge to Make it OK!

Front row: Desiree Rialson, Joseph Flores Back row: Anika Moe, Gauge Liebl, Mikey Kvaal Not pictured: Grace Johnson

Johnson Memorial Health Services has been working with the Lac qui Parle Behavioral Health Collaborative to change the Stigma associated with Mental Health.  Mental Health Awareness month is in May.  Cori Bothun, JMHS Clinic Manager, gave Dawson-Boyd Highschool students the opportunity to Pledge to Make it OK!

The three steps to Make It OK are:

  1. Learn More. The more we learn about mental illnesses, the more common we realize they are.
  2. Start Talking.  The more we talk about mental illnesses, the closer we come to stopping the stigma.
  3. Pass it On.  Encourage others to join by taking the pledge online.

Students that signed the pledge, entered their name in to win a “Stop the Stigma” shirt. The winners included Desiree Rialson, Joseph Flores, Anika Moe, Gauge Lieble, Mikey Kvaal, and Grace Johnson.