Construction Corner

The total number of older adults (65+) is anticipated to double between 2010 and 2030. This means more than 1 in 5 Minnesotans will be an older adult. The new care center is designed with a homey environment and amenities to accommodate the needs of today’s and future residents.

Capital Building Project

construction corner-01Fall of 2016 JMHS began building a new care center for our community. It will feature 56 private rooms that include a private bathroom and shower! The new care center incorporates the popular neighborhood concept, which provides a homier atmosphere and quieter living areas. Resident rooms will be split into two neighborhoods that house a kitchen with dining areas, spa and quiet spaces designed with more privacy for visiting. Additional storage means that equipment will be hidden making it feel more like a home. A Town Square will include a large activities area and chapel as well as a Café/Pub. Out of town visitors can stay, for a minimal fee, in one of the two guest suites. Each guest suite has two queen sized beds and a private bathroom.

This 10-minute video was created to help explain the new building project and provide additional information regarding the Caring for Our Community Campaign.

October 4, 2016

Johnson Memorial Health Services held their groundbreaking celebration on Tuesday, October 4. A large crowd was on hand to help celebrate the building of a new care center in Dawson! JMHS is working with Architects Horty Elving. The respected company is known for creating inspired environments that celebrate life, promote patient and resident dignity and well-being in a homelike environment.

Hasslen Construction Company has been hired to manage and build the new facility. Based out of Ortonville, Hasslen built the new hospital and is just finishing building the new senior living facility in Ortonville. Hasslen has reached out to local contractors and plans to work with several of them during the construction process.

Construction of the new care center is set to begin this fall. The construction is estimated to take 18-24 months.

July 28, 2016

On Tuesday Milbank Movers started moving the houses from Chestnut Street to their new locations. The houses took up the entire street while being moved out of town.

Recent News

April 2018

Crunch time has begun!  Hasslen Construction Company (HCC) has been burning the candle at both ends, working nights and weekends with the various subcontractors on the new Care Center.  The month of April will bring many changes… The plans are to finish up the...

March 2018

Progress on the Care Center continues…  100% of the windows are now installed on areas A, B, and C; 100% of roof shingles complete; 100% of the concrete is complete; 98% of the exterior siding is complete; the sprinkler system & electrical is in as well; plumbing and...

February 2018

As I’m writing this update, the weather is finally starting to take a turn for the better!  It’s a welcome relief to have a 34 degree day, versus the frigid temperatures we’ve been dealing with for sure.  As far as the new Care Center construction, carpet, vanity...

January 2018

Although some may be wishing for a “white Christmas”, I’ve been totally happy with the absence of snow this month.  I believe Hasslen Construction Company (HCC) agrees with me on this point as well!  The Care Center’s exterior siding should be finished up by January,...

December 2017

Hasslen Construction Company and the various subcontractors have been busy working to fully enclose the Care Center and Surgical Suite addition, to prepare for the cold weather that is sure to come.  The concrete sidewalks surrounding the Care Center have been poured,...