Community Events

We take pride in offering our community numerous events throughout the year.

Community Appreciation Picnic

Please join us!

The Community Appreciation Picnic is held the last Wednesday in July. Save the Date for Wednesday, July 25.

Dr. Maus Scholarship Golf Tourney

More information coming soon.

Friends & Family Picnic

Come and enjoy the evening with your resident family member or friend. More information coming.

Ladies Night Out

Thank you to everyone who joine us for Ladies Night Out! Over 120 women attended our third annual event. Below are the crockpot recipes we gave out that night and the recipe for the Bath Bombs that were in the goodie bags.

Crockpot Recipes

Click here for the list of recipes provided at Ladies Night Out.

DIY Bath Bombs

Dry Ingredients:

8 oz Baking soda
4 oz citric Acid
4 oz cornstarch
4 oz Epson Salt (or sea salt)


2 tsp castor oil (or any vegetable oil)
2 tsp essential oil
1 tsp water
Soap or food coloring


  1. Mix dry ingredients whisk together in a bowl
  2. Mix all the liquids into a cup and stir evenly (Note: Too much water may ruin your bath bomb!)
  3. Mix in wet ingredients very slowly into dry ingredients, and whisk till all the liquid emptied. When you squish it, the mixture would begin to clump together.
  4. Fill both sides of molds with mixture until they overflow, you may add some petals or lavender into molds.
  5. Press both sides together, squeeze into a sphere, press primly to shape it, remove any excess mixture around the mold. Note do not rotate the mold.
  6. Remove the bath bomb gently
  7. Let them dry overnight (if you want to use immediately pop it into fridge for 30 minutes.
  8. Ready to package after about 48 hours.

Health & Safety Fair

Wednesday, March 22 11:00am – 1:00pm at the Dawson Community Center. The JMHS Health & Safety Fair is held in conjunction with the national Ag Day Celebration. Johnson Memorial Health Services and the Dawson Chamber Ag Committee would like to invite you to join us for the Greater Minnesota Ag Day and Health and Safety Fair. The event will take place on Wednesday, March 22 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Dawson-Boyd Community Center.

We have several events going on during the day as well as many exhibits. The LqP Co-op Fertilizer plant will also be having their annual Bin Days in their offices that day. This year Jennie-O is donating the turkey for hot turkey sandwiches. The $5 meal will also include chips, beans, DQ ice cream cups, and coffee, milk or water.


Friday, April 7 5:00pm – 7:00pm at the Dawson VFW.

Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us Friday Night at the BASH. We had a fun night celebrating the 70’s and also those who have generously supported us with our “Caring for the Community” campaign. We set a lofty goal of $1.4 million dollars to ensure the new Care Center is built to its greatest potential. At the BASH we were pleased to announce that through pledges and donations received to date that we have raised $807,533!!! What wonderful news to share! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this wonderful project!

Community Wellness

We take our communities health personally. That is why we offer a variety of programs throughout the year aimed at improving the health and wellness of our community. Each March we partner with our Ag community to provide a Health and Safety Fair. We also hold short, educational sessions at noon called Lunch & Learns every other month. Some of our wellness challenges include:

  • Wellness Bingo
  • Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days
  • Live Well Be Well
  • Kids Mini-Triathlon

Community Needs Survey

Click below to see the results of JMHS’s latest Community Needs Survey.

2015 JMHS Community Needs Assessment