Chronic Pain

America is in pain. Current data indicates 100 million people in the US suffer from some form of persistent pain – despite injections, surgery, and opioid medications increasing at alarming rates. This has led to costs of at least $560-$635 billion per year. The evidence for non-pharmalogical therapeutic approaches in treating people with pain is ever-increasing.

The International Spine and Pain Institute (ISPI) and Evidence in Motion (EIM) have joined forces to create an evidence-informed educational course for physical therapists to help address the US pain epidemic from a multidisciplinary national perspective; and to ensure all healthcare providers have updated knowledge of pain science.  Bonnie Will has recently become certified as a therapeutic pain specialist.

In recent years there have been significant advances in pain science. Current best-evidence strongly supports the combination of education, exercise, pacing and graded exposure as key elements in treating chronic pain. JMHS’ therapeutic pain program incorporates all of these elements into an individualized treatment program for those dealing with chronic pain.

Watch Bonnie Will, Physical Therapist, and Certified Therapeutic Pain Specialist, discuss the importance of understanding how pain works.