November Construction Update

Both JMHS and the farmers alike are grateful that the weather has been cooperating with us the past 2 weeks, as the wet start to the fall season was not working for either of us. Thankfully, the sun has been shining, and work continues with the Hospital/Clinic new parking lot and front entrance! By the end of this month, the plan is to have the parking lot excavating completed, curb & gutters in place, and the sidewalks poured in the utility yard. Hasslen’s are working on enclosing the new front entrance, pouring the floors in the entry & link to the Care Center, and getting the roof decking in place.

The new Surgical Suite is really taking shape, on track to finish construction in December 2018. Currently, ceilings are being painted, doors installed, floors being laid, booms & medical equipment being installed, cabinets being finished and installed, lights, and preparing for the upcoming furniture delivery. December will be an exciting month as we move towards completing and opening the new JMHS Surgical Suite!

Staff are being moved temporarily to accommodate the construction needs during the 2nd half of the capital project, so please follow directional signs. We need to keep patients & staff safety at the forefront during these renovation phases.

Stacey Lee, CEO