December Construction Update

As I’m writing this, it is once again snowing outside! Winter came too soon for sure.  Due to the late fall & early winter, the plan is now to wait until spring to lay the asphalt for the new patient parking lot.  We want to make sure the concrete for the curb & gutters will set properly, as well as ensure the parking lot has the optimal weather conditions for laying the asphalt.  So, for a few more months, we will continue to use the temporary entrances. 

Work also continues on finalizing the Surgical Suite, as equipment is being installed and the finishing touches are in the works.  The completion date is scheduled for mid-December, with plans for an Open House for the Surgical Suite in the works.  In addition to the Surgery Suite, Phase 3 is in progress – which includes the new Hospital/Clinic Entrance, the new Reception area/Waiting Area/Business Office, and the Telemedicine Room.

The pre/post-op rooms are almost ready for use!        Nurses Station