August Construction Update

We’ve been in the new Care Center for just over a month now & things are going very well.  Of course, there are always processes to work on and outstanding construction items to resolve, but the residents and staff are adjusting to their new surroundings.  The new spaces are bright, roomy, and inviting, as we continue to do the traditional activities that the residents loved to do in the old Care Center and introduce some new activities that we are now able to do in the new Care Center space!

The landscapers have finally had a string of nice days to finish laying the sod around the Care Center, and it’s nice to see the green grass.  Interior punch list items are being completed.  The Asbestos Abatement process in the old Care Center took place July 23 – August 2nd.  Demo work Care Center is scheduled to begin shortly. The steel, concrete, and brick will all be recycled to minimize the materials hauled to the landfill.  Once the old Care Center demolition is complete, work will begin on the new, public JMHS parking lot, with plans to complete before winter conditions set in.

Work on the Hospital Inpatient Room remodel continues on an incremental basis, with a completion date in August.  Work will then be refocused on finishing the Surgical Suite, with an expected completion date of later this fall.  We hope to have a grand opening sometime in November

Stacey Lee, CEO