April Construction Update

Work on the Capital Project is in full force inside as the outside structure has the space fully enclosed.  The Lab has been temporarily moved to its new space, which is going well. The Lab space has been fully demolished, the structural steel framing is in place, underground plumbing and electrical are in progress, and floors will be poured shortly.

The Outreach Clinic’s walls are framed, and drywall installation is in progress.   The new Clinic/Hospital Entrance, the Conference Rooms, the Business Office, and the Telemedicine Room are even further along, with much of the drywall hung and even some flooring installed. It’s really taking shape!  So, although it might not seem like much progress is being made from the outside, there is a flurry of activity inside the blocked off areas.

Care Center Connecting Hallway.

New Conference Rooms

Front entry hallway

Front Entrance

More of the front entrance.