Construction Corner

construction corner-01Demolition began on the old Care Center on Monday, August 6. Demolition should be completed by Friday, August 17. Please note that the road to the ER will be closed during this time. The steel, concrete, and brick will all be recycled to minimize the materials hauled to the landfill.  Once the old Care Center demolition is complete, work will begin on the new, public JMHS parking lot, with plans to complete before winter conditions set in.

Capital Building Project

Phase I:
Care Center (58,206 square feet) – The Care Center has 56 private rooms that include a private handicapped accessible bathroom and shower. It will ensure the quality and course of senior care in our community for generations to come.

Hospital Surgical Suite (19,729 square feet) – The new multi-use space houses all surgical and outreach services, creating an efficient and convenient space for staff, physicians, and patients.

Phase II:
Demolish Existing Care Center

Phase III:
Hospital and Clinic Entrance – A new flat unified entrance.

Parking Lot and Helipad – The parking space provides more parking for patient and visitors to our facility. The Helipad space will be surrounded by berms protecting vehicles from departing and arriving helicopters.

Lab & Radiology Relocation and Expansion – The project will relocate the Bone Density Scanner so that all radiology equipment will be located in a more centralized area. Expanding the laboratory area will better accommodate the larger sized equipment needs of today’s lab and that of the future.

Connecting the Campus – Covered walkways connect the Assisted Living to the Care Center and the Care Center to the Clinic and Hospital. The climate-controlled connectors are a welcomed addition.

This 10-minute video was created to help explain the new building project and provide additional information regarding the Caring for Our Community Campaign.


Recent News

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April Construction Update

Work on the Capital Project is in full force inside as the outside structure has the space fully enclosed.  The Lab has been temporarily moved to its new space, which is going well. The Lab space has been fully demolished, the structural steel framing is in place,...

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As I’m writing this update there is yet another snowstorm this afternoon, with the school closing early yet again. However, JMHS remains open to see patients that are willing (or sick enough) to venture out in the storm. Much progress has been made on Phase 3 (new...

February Construction Update

We started using the new Surgical Suite January 7 and it’s been in full gear since then. In fact, we did our first total knee surgery in-house and have another knee and a hip replacement scheduled as well! Hasslen Construction (HCC) is continuing to work on the new...

January Construction Update

This Holiday Season brought so much joy walking through our new Care Center, seeing how much the residents/elders are enjoying the new space.  The beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the Chapel & the Care Center Courtyard holiday lights are such a wonderful sight...