Physical Therapy

 Bonnie Will   Physical Therapist

Bonnie Will
Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy is for clients injured through accidents or diseases to provide therapy and education to lead to a quicker recovery and return to previous levels of function and activity. Physical therapy is helpful for the following conditions:

      • Joint and muscle pain (sprains/strains)
      • Back or neck or other joint pain
      • Pinched nerves
      • Balance problems or dizziness
      • Those with difficulty walking or performing daily functional tasks
      • Sport-related injuries
      • Age related injuries
 Jill Mathies   Physical Therapist Assistant

Jill Mathies
Physical Therapist Assistant

      • Injuries/dysfunctions from accidents, falls, strokes or birth defects
      • Muscle/joint weakness
      • Pelvic pain or urinary incontinence
      • Repetitive stress or strain injuries

Treatments include a thorough evaluation, education regarding cause and effect and prevention, exercises, manual (hands on) treatments, SASTM therapy,  pool therapy or modalities (traction, ultrasound,electrical stimulation, ice/heat packs, iontophoresis). Most treatments are geared toward home programs and prevention of symptom recurrence.

More specialized services for Agrability, vestibular rehabilitation and urinary incontinence are now being offered at JMHS. Vestibular rehab, therapy for people with dizziness and balance problems, is a more specialized service being offered in P.T. We also offer noninvasive exercises and education based programs for urinary incontinence, bowel/bladder programs and pelvic pain. Agrability, where P.T. works with a state and federal organization to help injured rural residents working with agriculture, is also an offered service.

If you have pain, balance issues or other physical dysfunction – please talk with your doctor about starting Physical Therapy at JMHS. Physical therapy services are offered Monday –Friday 8am to 5 pm or as otherwise scheduled. Athletic screens (free to local athletes) can also be scheduled.

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