How is the test done?

The ultrasound technologist will bring you into an exam room and you will lie on a padded table. The lights in the room may be dimmed to help the technologies see his pictures better. The technologist will apply warm gel to the transducer and on the area to be scanned. The transducer sends sound waves through the body.

As the sound waves travel through the body, they send echoes back through the transducer to the computer. The computer makes images of the sound wave patterns. Ultrasounds are usually painless; you may feel slight pressure as the transducer is moved over the skin.

What to do before the test?

Depending on the test ordered you may be asked to not eat or drink anything including water before the test. A nurse will provide you with those instructions prior to the exam date.

After the test?

You may go back to normal eating and activity after an ultrasound. You will receive the results from the ordering physician.

This is a mobile service provided by Transmed, Inc. from Watertown, SD.

Ultrasound is here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Each exam takes approximately 30 minutes.

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