Patient Accounts

On-line Bill Pay
Simply fill in the information including your account number (located on your printed bill). After submitting your information, one of our accounting representatives will process your payment. If you have any questions about your bill, please call us at (320) 769-4323 Ext. 2388.

Billing Insurance

Billing Your Insurance – How it Works
Your insurance will be filed for your medical services if you present your current insurance card at the time of registration.  Your insurance company may require pre-authorization or referral from your primary care physician (PCP) and may not pay without it.  We will verify with you that you have received prior approval from your insurance company or PCP referral at the time of registration.  After insurance has paid their portion, we will bill you for the balance.  You can contact the Patient Accounts office at 320-769-4393 if you need to update your insurance information.

Finance Charges
Finance charges of 1.5% will be added to all accounts that haven’t been paid in full after being at patient responsibility for more than 30 days.

Billing Statements

Monthly Billing Statements
Billing statements are run around the 18th of every month.  This consolidated monthly statement summarizes the activity on all your outstanding hospital and clinic accounts.  If you have any questions, please stop into the Patient Accounts office during our normal business hours (Monday – Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm) or contact us by phone at 320-769-4393 or toll free 888-769-2164.

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